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All About Yomim Tovim

From Pesach to Purim

Background History, Hashkofos, Halachos, and a Question and Answer section on each Yom Tov.

An easy-to-use overview of the upcoming Yom Tov, that parents and mechanchim will cherish.

“Rabbi Edelman (of Baltimore) is a talmid chacham, a rare educator and an asset to the Jewish people. I encourage anyone to whom Jewish education is dear to support Rabbi Edelman, his organization and its important activities.”
HoRav HaGaon Aharon Feldman
Rosh Yeshiva Of Ner Yisroel Baltimore
"It's clear presentation makes it both an edifying and enjoyable read. As the sefer presents itself, it is a "guide for parents and mechanchim." It is most definitely that.. and more. All About Yomim Tovim will prove itself to be an extremely welcome resource..."
Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein
Torah Umesorah Director of Publications

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