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Our mission is to provide Torah content to students and adults alike in a captivating new way – through animated stories (mosholim) filled with Torah lessons, morals (mussar) and Jewish values.

The stories provide an exciting alternative that teaches children (and adults) about Derech Eretz and some incredible facts about the world Hashem has created.

The stories are told by Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman who learnt in famous Yeshivas in America and in Jerusalem for 25 years before becoming a classroom Rebbe in Johannesburg. Hashem has blessed Rabbi Edelman with a vivid imagination and an engaging style of storytelling.

He mesmerizes his family, friends and students both young and old at the Shabbos table, in the classroom and now B’ezrat Hashem is making his stories available to schools, yeshivas and homes worldwide.

There are currently 25 captivating Torah stories which we would like to produce, and to make this possible we need to support a small passionate production team.