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To promote and popularize mussar with innovation and appeal.


Strengthen Jewish children with refined, well-adjusted characters based on true Torah values.

Who is Rebbe?

The stories are told by Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman. Rabbi Edelman has been learning in kollelim in Passaic (2), Ner Yisroel Baltimore (1), Mir Yerushalayim (14), Yad Shaul Johannesburg (13) and now at Mercaz Torah Utefilla in Baltimore.

Among his extensive teaching experience, Rabbi Edelman served as Mashgiach in Yeshivas Bais Yisroel, Neve Yaakov for 7 years before becoming a favorite rebbe in the Johannesburg Cheder for 12 years.

He mesmerizes his family, friends and students both young and old at the Shabbos table, in the classroom and now B’ezras Hashem is making his stories available to schools, yeshivas and homes worldwide.


In a world where so much is competing for our children’s attention, we need to be extra creative, super inspiring and totally relevant to capture their imaginations and influence their behaviours.


Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman has produced incredible stories that offer exciting, visually appealing and educational mussar stories designed to inspire young people to absorb Torah values in a positive & unique manner.  

Rabbi Edelman tells his mussar stories in highly innovative ways using accents, music and humour to deliver educationally impactful messages. The stories take children on entertaining journeys into worlds where they learn about themselves and the values & ideals of true Jewish behaviour.  His  mission is to ‘spread mussar with innovation and appeal.’  He believes that the importance of mussar is ‘for people to become more G-d fearing and to perfect their character traits’.

Rabbi Edelman derives stories from the Midrash, Torah and Jewish lore. He also draws from his own imaginative and creative abilities.   He has completed 18 stories with 5 in the pipeline.  Each story is a production in & of itself.  It demands the highest levels of commitment to ensure the messages are delivered in a clear and concise manner while balancing entertainment with life-changing lessons.

We all know that the future of Judaism lies in the hands of our children. The way they perceive and practice Jewish values & ideals will influence their children and in turn all the generations that follow from them.  

We need our children to be engaged and excited when they discover the richness and depth of Judaism.  Rabbi Edelman’s mussar stories will help them to achieve just that. On a personal level, they will also discover they face no limitations to becoming better, happier and more fulfilled Jews whilst being entertained, inspired and educated in the process. 

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