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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 97 – Other needs during Tefilla

  • Do not burp or yawn during tefilla. If you need to yawn cover your mouth with your hand. (ShA 1)
  • Do not spit during tefilla. If it is disturbing your kavana, you may absorb it into a cloth or spit it out behind you. (ShA 2 – MB 4)
  • “Tefilla” is considered until you take your 3 steps back at the end. (MB 3)
  • If your tallis slips off its place you may adjust it back as long as it did not fall off completely – because atifa would be a hefsek. If it disturbs your kavana being without a tallis, you may put it on when you finish the beracha you are saying. (ShA 4 – MB 13,16)
  • Make sure your glasses fit tightly before tefilla. (MB 15)

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