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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 95 – Body position for Tefilla

  • Rise for Shacharis Shemoneh Esray when the chazzan says “Tehillos l’kayl elyon…”, for Mincha when the chazzan takes his position, and for Maariv when the chazzan begins Kaddish. These are opportune times to remove phlegm and the like so they will not disturb you during your tefilla. (MB 3)
  • Imitate an angel by standing with your feet together, as if you have only one leg and by removing all thoughts of your body from your heart. (ShA 1 – MB 2)
  • If you are sitting for Shemoneh Esray do not lean back nor to the sides. Do not mount one leg upon another nor should you stretch them out. Do sit with your head bent over and legs together. (MB 2)
  • The minhag ha’olam is to step back and then forward 3 steps as you approach to say the Shemoneh Esray. (Rama 1 – MB 3)
  • Before you begin, look to the sky through the windows in order to subdue your heart. (MB 4)
  • Then bend your head a bit, eyes closed pointed towards the floor. Imagine standing in the Bais Hamikdosh and direct your kavana Heavenward. (ShA 2)
  • Anyone who does not close his eyes during the Shemoneh Esray will not be zocheh to see the face of the Shechina when his soul departs. This does not apply to one who opens his eyes to look inside his siddur.    (MB 5)
  • Bend your right hand over your left and place them on your chest. This really applies to a place where the minhag is for a servant to stand that way when requesting things from the king. (ShA 3 – MB 6)
  • Shukkle during tefilla. (MB 7)
  • It is good to keep your feet together also when saying Kedusha with the chazzan. (ShA 4)

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