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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 88 – Baal Keri

  1. Even though Takkonas Ezra was bottol, whoever wants to conduct himself to toivel according to this takkona will get a beracha. Just be careful that you aren’t late for Krias Shema or tefilla because of it. (MB 2)


  1. Those who find toiveling difficult can pour on top of themselves a continuous flow of 9 kabin of water. Stand up straight with your two hands resting against your chest. Do not press them together in a way that will not allow water to come between them. (MB 4)


  1. Both the mikva water and the 9 kabin can be of drawn-water for the purpose of Takkonas Ezra. (MB 4)


  1. Someone who sees keri as a result of a sickness or weakness was never bound by this takkona. (MB 4 – BeH “v’chayn”)


  1. A chatzitza will not nullify this tevila as long as it does not cover a majority of the body. (BeH “v’chayn”)


  1. A woman who is experiencing a menstrual flow can say berachos and daaven as normal – however, she should not look at the sefer Torah during hagba. She also should not enter a cemetery until she goes to the mikva. (MB 7)

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