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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 84 – Bathhouse

In the inner chamber of a bathhouse where most people are undressed it is ossur to ask someone “Shalom” and certainly to think divray kedusha even if, at the moment, everyone is dressed. (ShA -MB 3 – BeH “ubapnimi”)


  1. The middle chamber is the dressing room. There, asking “Shalom” is allowed as well as thinking Torah thoughts, but Krias Shema and Tefilla are forbidden. (ShA)


  1. A room with just a mikva has a din of a dressing room and therefore a woman should preferably say the beracha low down where the water is. (MB 4)


  1. If the mikva is in the inner part of a bathhouse it is not so simple to say a beracha even down in the water because of the stench of the bathhouse. (MB 4)


  1. A dirty alleyway has the same din as an inner bathhouse chamber.    (MB 6)


  1. Regarding a man whose name is Shalom : the minhag is to be maykil to say his name. However a yoray shomayim should rather call him “Shalo” or “Shalon”. (MB 6)


  1. When writing a letter which could be thrown away, write שָלֹם without a vav. (MB 6)


  1. It is forbidden to answer “omayn” while you’re in the inner bathhouse chamber. Also if someone asks you a halacha do not tell him: “No answering such things in the bathhouse” rather just say “It’s a bathhouse. (MB 7)


  1. If you want to say a beracha on a drink, say the beracha in an outer room, sip some, then enter the inner chamber. This works only when both rooms are in one building. (MB 7)


  1. The middle and inner chambers are exempt from mezuza. (MB 7)


  1. A room with bathtubs in it has the din of an inner chamber. (MB 7)

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