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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 76 – Human excrement

  1. It is forbidden to read Krias Shema opposite even the smallest amount of excrement, unless it is covered. The covering can be transparent. Even if it is covered, make sure that the bad smell does not reach you – then you may read the Shema. (ShA 1 – MB 3,20)
  2. It is forbidden to read Krias Shema with human excrement stuck to the sole of your shoe that you are wearing. (ShA 2)
  3. The snout of a hog is considered like excrement even when clean. This is similar to a container designated for human waste. (ShA 3)
  4. If a person has a stain on his hand from after using the toilet, even if it does not smell bad anymore, he may not say the Shema until he washes or wipes it clean. It is compared to sweat beads and scratching the scalp. (MB 10)
  5. Every person should take care to always have clean clothes especially when daavening. (MB 12)
  6. L’chatchila, you should not say divray kedusha with your hand or any other part of your body still inside the bathroom. (ShA 4)
  7. Semen on the skin is just like excrement. (Rama 4)
  8. Semen on the clothes should be rinsed away or the clothing removed so that tumah does not cling to the person. (MB 15)
  9. Excrement remaining on the rectal area makes it forbidden for a person to say the Shema. Therefore, a person must always see to it to clean himself with water or saliva so there will not remain there even a bit of excrement. (ShA 5 – MB 18)
  10. You do not have to keep a distance from vomit when saying the Shema even though it is disgusting. (MB 20)
  11. Clear water does not work to cover excrement. Therefore, a pail of water that soiled clothes are soaking in must not be in your vicinity when saying Shema. (MB 21)
  12. If after daavening a person realized he had excrement on his clothes or shoes and he knows it came from a dirty place where he was before daavening – he must daaven again since he was negligent from checking beforehand. (MB 30)

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