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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 70 – Who is exempt from Krias Shema

  1. Women are exempt from Krias Shema and its berachos. But since they are obligated in tefilla they are also obligated in saying Pesukay D’zimra. They are also obligated to recite the Birchos Hashachar. Even the parts that they are exempt from, they may opt to say nevertheless. (ShA 1 – MB 2)
  2. Women should be taught to accept upon themselves the yoke of Shomayim by reciting the first possuk. (ShA 1 – MB 5)
  3. Once a boy reaches chinuch age (six or seven), his father should instruct him to say Krias Shema with its berachos within the time limit. (ShA 2 – MB 6,9)
  4. A boy must be taught the first possuk of Krias Shema from when he is able to speak. (MB 7)
  5. Nowadays, all chassanim are just the same as everyone else with regard to the obligation of Krias Shema. (ShA 3)
  6. Even if you already missed the zman for tefilla, it is ossur to eat before you don tefillin. (MB 20)

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