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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 7 – Asher Yotzar

  1. Always bless Asher Yotzar after relieving oneself, but don’t say “…al netillas yodayim” even if one’s hands need to be cleaned. (ShA1)
  1. It’s never too late to bless Asher Yotzar as long as an urge to relieve oneself has not come back. (MB1)
  1. If one needs to say Asher Yotzar and say an after beracha for food, Asher Yotzar takes precedence. (MB2)
  1. Shilshul ?  Bless Asher Yotzar after each bout. Unless one feels an urge after a bout – in which case it is forbidden to bless. (MB2)
  1. If one urinated (outdoors not in a toilet room) and the hands are clean – Asher Yotzar can be said without washing. (ShA2)
  1. One should take care to bless Asher Yotzar immediately after relieving oneself. (MB6)
  1. Asher Yotzar is said even after a drop of urine. (ShA4)

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