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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 6 – Asher Yotzar

  1. When saying Asher Yotzar make sure to say “…chaloolim chaloolim…” (hollow limbs) and not “…challalim challalim…” (hollows) (MB1)
  1. Our minhag is not to add “…afiloo sha’a achas…”  (MB3)
  1. When leaving your house to go to daaven in shul, say the possuk “Shema Yisroel…”. But have intention not to fulfil your obligation for Krias Shema. (MB7)
  1. You should not have a large interruption between washing for Shacharis and the “…al netillas yodayim.” Therefore, if you awake early and wash, but there is still a long time until daavening – wash again after cleaning yourself right before daavening and say the beracha on the second washing. (MB8, 9)
  1. It is better to say Elokai Neshama right after Asher Yotzar than to say it by itself. (MB12)
  1. Don’t say Birchos Hashachar out loud if, in your shul, only the chazzan says it out loud. (MB13)
  1. A person should complete 90 omayns per day. (MB 13)

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