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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 59 – Yotzer Or

  1. Pause between “yotzer” and “or” so as not to sound like “yotzeror”. (MB1) 
  2. Don’t skip the וא”ו  of משרתים ואשר משרתיו  because those first letters are a hint to part of Hashem’s 72-letter name. When saying “yotzer or” feel your arm-tefillin. When saying “oovoray choshech” feel your head-tefillin. אהובים ברורים  גיבורים  spells one part of Hashem’s 42-letter name. עושים באימה  is gematria 72 (the amount of letters in His name). Whoever concentrates on these names won’t be damaged all day long. (BeH 1)
  3. If you are daavening without a minyan you still say the kedusha in Yotzer Or. It is proper to say the pesukim with the trop in such a case. However, if there is a minyan – just you came late – there is no need for saying the pesukim with trop. (Rama 3 – MB 10,11)
  4. It is best to say this kedusha while seated. (MB 12)
  5. Hurry to finish the beracha “…yotzer ham’oros” before the chazzan so you will be able to answer “omayn” to his beracha. But don’t answer “boruch hu uvoruch sh’mo” now nor earlier during Pesukay D’zimra. (Rama 4 – MB 17)
  6. When you reach “…mayarba kanfos ho’oretz…” take up the four tsitsis in your left hand and put them on your heart. Then, at “Vayomer…”, take the tsitsis in your right hand. Then, when you reach “…chaim v’kayomim…”, kiss the tsitsis and release them. (BaH 3)
  7. You should answer “omayn” to anyone’s beracha between the berachos. (MB 18)
  8. If you finish Ahava Rabba before the chazzan, should you answer omayn to his beracha? According to the Mechaber, no. According to the Rama, yes. We go like the Rama however, the best practice is to finish the beracha together with the chazzan so that you won’t need to answer omayn. (ShA 4 – MB 25)

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