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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 52 – Coming late for shul

  1. You should come to shul early in the morning so you will not need to skip parts of Pesukay D’zimra. (MB1)
  1. If you arrive late, you should still see to it to daaven Shemoneh Esray with the tzibbur. Therefore, after laying your tefillin, begin skipping until you catch up with the tzibbur. (MB 2,3)
  1. Although you may skip the morning berachos, make sure to say at least Al Netillas Yodayim, Elokai Neshoma, and Birkas haTorah before daavening. Otherwise you won’t be able to say these after daavening. (MB2)
  1. The following is a list of Pesukay D’zimra according to a descending order of importance:
  1. Boruch She’amar – Ashray – Yishtabach
  2. Hallelu es Hashem min Hashomayim…
  3. Hallelu Kayl b’kodsho…
  4. the other three Hallelu paragraphs
  5. from Vay’vorech Dovid until “l’shaym tifartecha”
  6. Hodu until “vehu rachoom”
  7. Mizmor L’soda
  8. the rest of the daily Pesukay D’zimra (ShA – MB4 – BaH3)
  1. On Shabbos add Nishmas to the level “a”.

If you have more time after finishing to level “h”, then add –

  1. Lam’natzayach
  2. L’dovid b’shanoso
  3. Tefilla l’Moshe
  4. the rest of the Shabbos additions    (MB5)
  1. If you have no time at all – you must at least say level “a” even if you will need to daaven Shemoneh Esray privately. (MB 6)
  1. Birchos haShachar should be recited before the end of the fourth halachic hour of the day. Bedieved you have until noon. One who wants to rely upon the poskim who hold you can say them all day long will not be reprimanded. (MB10)
  1. If you realized that you forgot Elokai Neshoma while you have already begun daavening, concentrate not to fulfill the beracha during “V’ne’eman atta…” – afterward you will be allowed to say Elokai Neshoma according to all opinions. However, if the same thing happened for Birkas Hatorah – concentrate specifically yes to fulfill it during Ahava Rabba, and see to it to learn some Torah right after daavening. (MB 9)
  1. L’chatchila, the Birchos Hashachar should not delay past zman tefilla. If you forgot to say them before, you can say them all day and into the night – until you go to sleep. (MB 10)

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