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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 28 – Removing tefillin

  1. You must feel your tefillin whenever you remember they are on you.Make sure they have not moved off their place. (MB1)
  1. Reach for your shel yad first. It is closer to your hand, so don’t pass by that mitzva. Afterwards, reach for the shel rosh. (ShA1 – MB3)
  1. When you say “ukshartom le’os al yadecha” touch your shel yad, and when you say “v’hoyu l’totafos bayn aynecho” touch your shel rosh. (ShA 1)
  1. After you remove the straps from your finger, remove the shel rosh with your left hand – slowly and weakly to show your reluctance to take them off. (ShA2 – MB 5,6)
  1. Place the shel rosh in its bag before removing the shel yad from your arm. (MB8)
  1. Now take off the shel yad. All removals, including the winds around the finger, should be done standing. (ShA2 – MB6)
  1. It’s best to have a bag that holds the tefillin side by side. The shel yad should be placed on the right hand side and a bit closer to the opening than the shel rosh – so that you will pull out the shel yad first, and not have to pass over the shel rosh.(MB7)
  1. Kiss the tefillin when laying them on and upon removing them. (ShA3)
  1. When rolling up the straps make sure to hold the tefillin still and wrap the straps around them. Don’t hold the straps still and wind the tefillin inside them. The custom is to wrap them in the shape of dove’s wings. (MB9)

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