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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 24 – The Reward

  1. It is good and proper for every man to wear a tallis koton all day long so that he’ll remember the mitzvos every moment. The five knots represent the five books of the Torah in every direction he turns. (ShA1)
  1. It is a mitzva to hold the tsitsis in your left hand and opposite your heart during Krias Shema. (ShA2)
  1. When you say “may-arba kanfos ha-aretz” gather the four corners. (BaH 59:3)
  1. Hold the tsitsis between your pinky and ring finger until you reach the parsha of tsitsis – then take them also into your right hand and stare at them. At “ur’isem oso” place them on your eyes and kiss them. Then at “ne’emanim ve’nechemadim lo’ad” kiss the tsitsis and release them. (ShA4 – MB4)
  1. It is a mitzva to make a beautiful tallis and beautiful tsitsis for hiddur mitzva. All mitzvos should be made as beautiful as possible. (MB9)
  1. Do not embroider pesukim onto a tallis. If someone already did, you can still say a beracha on it. (MB9)

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