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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 234 – More on Mincha

  1. Do not begin Ashray until there is a minyan gathered so they can say Kaddish before Mincha. If you said it without a minyan, and then a minyan formed, say a Mizmor and afterwards Kaddish. (Rama1 – MB5)
  2. When learning in a bais midrash without a minyan it is improper to call in some people just for Kaddish. The minyan must be there for the learning as well, so learn another mishna or something after the minyan has gathered. (MB5)
  3. It is a nice minhag to recite the Parshas Tomid before Ashray in place of the afternoon Tomid offering. Also, it is good to recite Pitoom Hak’tores. Skip these, and even Ashray, if time is short. (Rama1 – MB6)
  4. After Mincha Shemoneh Esray, the chazzan repeats it like at Shacharis. Then everyone goes down for Tachanun and afterwards Kaddish Shalem. (MB7)
  5. If by mistake you missed Mincha, daaven two Maarivs. Separate between the two with Ashray before the tashlumin. (ShA2)

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