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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 229 – Rainbows and the sun

  1. Upon viewing the bow shape of a rainbow say the following: “Boruch…zocher hab’ris v’ne’eman bivriso v’kayam b’maamaro.” (ShA1 – MB3 – BeH “hareoh”)
  2. Say this beracha, even within 30 days of the last viewing. (MB2)
  3. Do not stare at the rainbow, just look at it and bless. (ShA1 – MB5)
  4. It isn’t worth it to tell people that there is a rainbow. (MB1)
  5. On one morning every 28 years the sun arrives back at its circuit that it began on the day of it’s creation. When you view this, say the beracha Oseh Maasay V’rayshis. (ShA2)
  6. The beracha should be said as early as possible with a crowd of people together to glorify the King. B’dieved, you have until chatzos to say the beracha. (MB8)
  7. If there is a cloud covering, but you can still see the shape of the sun, say the beracha. (MB8)
  8. The custom of the Chasam Sofer was to recite “Hal’lu ess Hashem min hashomayim…” before the beracha. Afterwards he said the whole Kayl Adon and then Psalm 19 and concluded with Olaynu. (MB8)

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