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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 227 – Comets, lightning, thunder etc.

  1. The beracha Oseh Maasay V’rayshis is said for witnessing the following phenomena:
    • Shooting Star.
    • Comet.
    • Earthquake.
    • Lightning (not heat lightning).
    • Thunder.
    • Extraordinary winds. (ShA1 – MB1,3,4)
  2. One beracha per night suffices for many shooting stars (e.g. meteor shower.) (MB2)
  3. Do not say another blessing on the same comet that you saw within 30 days. (MB1)
  4. The beracha Shekocho Ug’vooraso Molay Olam can be said for any of the above phenomena (except for extraordinary winds) instead of Oseh Maasay V’rayshis, if you so desire. (ShA1 – MB4)
  5. The minhag is to say Oseh Maasay V’rayshis on lightning and Shekocho… on thunder. If you experience both together, say Oseh Maasay V’rayshis on both. You are yotzay, also, with only Shekocho… on both. (MB5)
  6. When you see only lightning say Oseh Maasay V’rayshis and then, when the thunder comes say Shekocho… If it happens in the opposite order, reverse the order of the berachos. (MB5)
  7. When can you say another beracha on lightning and thunder? Either the next day or when the sky is completely clear and another storm appears – even if it is the same day. (ShA2 – MB8)
  8. After experiencing lightning and thunder you only have toch k’day dibbur to say the beracha. If you are in a filthy place in which a beracha may not be recited, move out quickly so as not to lose the beracha. (ShA3 – MB12)
  9. When one exists a bathroom and needs to wash because of ruach ra’a, say the beracha on lightning before washing in order not to lose the beracha. If one’s hands are dirty, he will have to quickly wash or wipe his hands first. (MB11)
  10. If you hear the thunder (e.g.) just before you are ready to say Asher Yotzar , say the beracha on the thunder first so you don’t lose the chance to say it. (MB12)

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