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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 217 – Blessing over B’somim

  1. There is a bundle of b’somim on the table for people to sniff. You picked it up once, said a beracha, smelled it and put it back down – do you have to say another beracha when you smell it again? Not if you had in mind to continue smelling later. Nor if you can smell it from the table the whole time. (MB6 – ShaH10)
  2. A beracha said on fragrant spices is not cancelled upon change of location, if you will return immediately. If you left to go about your affairs or to daaven in shul, the beracha terminates. (MB6)
  3. No beracha is said on b’somim whose purpose (set by the owner) is to remove odors. For example: next to a corpse, in a bathroom, body odor, odor from hands after handling food. (ShA2 – MB10,11)
  4. Fragrance that remains on clothes or vessels after the spices have been removed does not get a beracha – the source of the fragrance is gone. This is called rayach sheayn lo ikkar. (ShA3 – MB15)
  5. Another example of rayach sheayn lo ikkar is a room with fragrance in the air which came from spices that are now sealed in barrels. While the barrels are sealed, do not say a beracha. (BeH “ellah”)
  6. It is forbidden to sniff the perfume on other women even if they are not niddos. Likewise, a man may not sniff the perfume of his wife who is a nidda. Do not say a beracha. (ShA4 – MB16)
  7. It is forbidden to sniff b’somim burnt for avoda zora. Do not say a beracha. (ShA5)

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