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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 203 – Fruit of the tree

  1. A plant whose leaves form from a branch is classified as a tree. But if the branch withers each winter and new leaves form from its roots – that indicates that its fruit gets the beracha Hoadama. (Rama2)
  2. A plant whose branches last a long time and when you pick the fruit more grows back on the same branch – the fruit is Hoaytz. (MB3)
  3. Fruit growing on a miniature tree, less than 3 tefachim, is Hoadama. (MB3)
  4. The small, edible apple-like fruit growing on wild forest trees is not chashuv and therefore is Shehakol even if cooked. (ShA4 – MB5)
  5. Berries growing on haddasim (myrtle) are Shehakol. (ShA5)
  6. Candied ginger and candied pepper is Hoadama whether fresh or dried. (ShA6 – MB9)
  7. On powdered spices mixed with sugar make the appropriate beracha on the spices (Hoaytz or Hoadama). This is the derech to prepare the spices for eating, and the sugar is toffel. (e.g. ginger sugar – Hoadama) (ShA7 – MB12,13)
  8. Radish – Hoadama. (ShA8)

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