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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 2 – Getting dressed

  1. A person should always conduct himself with tsinius in front of Hashem. Therefore be careful never to uncover your skin that is normally covered with clothes unless it is necessary. When bathing, beware to undress as close as possible to the (e.g.) river so as not to go naked unnecessarily. (MB1)
  1. The following are koshe l’shikcha: Putting on 2 garments at once. Using your clothes as a pillow without a pillow case. Reading a gravestone. Staring at the face of a dead person. (MB2)
  1. Don’t wear your clothes inside out. (ShA3)
  1. Especially for daavening you must beautify your clothes. (MB4)
  1. Get dressed from right to left. A talmid chochom’s clothes should be nice and clean and average quality. It is ossur for him to have stains on his clothes. (MB4)
  1. Put on your right shoe first – but tie your left shoe first. (ShA4)
  1. Wash and anoint from right to left. Bathe your head first. (MB7)
  1. Remove your left shoe first. (ShA5)
  1. Don’t walk (or stand – MB9) with an erect posture. (ShA6)
  1. Nowadays it’s ossur to be bare headed even while sitting at home. Get children used to covering their head, it causes yiras shomayim. Walking with your hand on your head is enough when you’re indoors. It is a middas chassidus to sleep with a yarmulke on. (MB11)
  1. Your hand on your head isn’t enough for saying berachos or for learning unless it’s urgent. Your sleeve on your head is fine. Be careful to cover your head when saying the beracha on your tefillin shel rosh. (MB12)
  1. Make sure that people don’t suspect you of not wearing a yarmulke. Some are lenient to wear a toupee. (MB12)
  2. Have a clean body when daavening by checking for a need to go to the bathroom. Do not postpone daavening by waiting for an urge and then relieving it. (MB13)

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