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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 198 – Join up with three people

  1. If you ate and drank something you should answer “Boruch she’ochalnu…” (MB1) When you hear a zimun commencing and you didn’t eat with them, how do you respond?
  2. If as you enter, you hear the leader say:
    1. “N’voraych she’ochalnu mishelo” you respond “Boruch umvorach sh’mo tomid l’olam vo’ed”.
    2. “N’voraych Elokaynu…” respond “Boruch Elokaynu umvorach sh’mo tomid l’olam vo’ed”
    3. “N’voraych Elokaynu …shehasimcha bimono…”               (at wedding berachos) respond “Boruch Elokaynu umvorach sh’mo tomid l’olam vo’ed shehasimcha bimono.” (ShA1 – MB6)
  3. If you entered only to hear everyone responding “Boruch she’ochalnu mishelo…” you say “omayn” after them. Say “omayn” again when the leader repeats “Boruch she’ochalnu mishelo….” (ShA1 – MB4)
  4. If you enter even later, only after the leader began to say “Boruch she’ochalnu mishelo…”, answer omayn after him. (MB4)
  5. You are obligated to answer omayn after any beracha that you hear. (Rama1)

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