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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 195 – Combining groups

  1. Different groups of people who ate their meals can combine together for zimun if they wish. Some members of each group must be able to see some from the others. They can then combine even if they are in two different buildings as long as there is no pathway in between them. (ShA1 – MB2,7)
  2. If the groups aren’t within view of one another but they share the same waiter and are in the same building, the waiter can combine them. (ShA1 – MB6)
  3. In a case where the groups can’t see each other but they both can see the mevoraych, this is sufficient to combine them. (ShA2 – MB9)
  4. All who are part of the zimun must hear the words of the mevoraych clearly. These words are:
    1. According to the Mechaber: “Nevoraych…” and “Boruch she’ochalnu…”
    2. According to the Rama all the way till the end of Birkas Hazon.
    3. Le’chatchila, it’s best to hear the entire Birkas Hamazon (see above #164) (ShA3 – MB10)
  5. If you didn’t hear the leader announce “Nevoraych…”, you can still answer “Boruch she’ochalnu…” with the others in the zimun. (MB11)

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