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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 194 – Someone left the zimun group

  1. If one of the three forgot and bentched without zimun, it doesn’t exempt the other two from zimun. The one who forgot can still answer for the 2 when they are ready to bentch. But if two of the three forgot zimun, it’s too late. (ShA1)
  2. If one of the three went out, the other two can call him to have kavana to answer the zimun. The one needs only to stand opposite the door, answer and listen until “…hazon ess hakol”. When he is finished what he went out for, he should come back inside and bentch. (ShA2 – MB8,9)
  3. If you don’t know everyone of the first three berachos of bentching, don’t attempt to bentch. However, if you ate your fill (which makes bentching d’oraisa), be machmir and bentch whatever beracha you know as long as it is a complete beracha. (ShA3 – MB13)

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