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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 187 – Details of the nusach

  1. Pronounce the following correctly:
    1. sho-atta zon
    2. anachnu not onnu
    3. b’fi kol chai not b’feh
    4. r’aynu zunaynu (a request) not ro’aynu
  2. There is a shortened nusach for the first beracha which is mentioned in Shulchan Aruch. You can train children under age 8 with this. Also each beracha, little by little until they can say the entire bentching properly. (MB4 – ShaH6)
  3. We inherited the Land of Israel in the merit of Bris Mila and learning Torah. It is therefore imperative to mention these topics in the second blessing. Women should also mention these. If you don’t remember mentioning them, you can rely upon the normal habit of your tongue. (MB9 – BeH “machzirin”)
  4. On Channuka and Purim add a the thanks of Al Hanissim just before “V’al hakol….”. If you forgot to, don’t go back. You can say a compensation among the Harachamons. (Rama4)
  5. You are allowed to ask Hashem for a miracle that is masked by nature, but not for a super natural miracle. (ShaT *)

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