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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 184 – Bentch where you ate/Time limit for bentching

  1. Bentch before you leave the premises of your meal. (ShA1)
  2. Everywhere in one room is considered the same premises, even if where you ate is out of view. The same applies to outdoors in an enclosed area. (MB1 – ShaH5)
  3. If you are outdoors in an unenclosed area, bentch within 4 amos of where you ate. (MB2 – ShaH5)
  4. If you have to bentch for bread or for grain products but you left the premises – you must return to say the beracha achrona even if you left by mistake. Even if you travelled many miles away before you remembered, go back to bentch. (ShA1,3 – MB3,7,11,12)
  5. If you left and forgot to bentch, “b’shaas had’chak” you can bentch where you remember. (MB7)
  6. If you have more bread, eat some (even less than a k’zayis) where you remember. It doesn’t require another Hamotzi. Now you can bentch where you are and it covers what you ate at the original location of your meal. This only works if you are still full. (ShA2 – MB8,9)
  7. Let’s say you ate bread and you don’t remember if you bentched already or not. If you are full, bentching is d’oraisa and a doubt on a d’oraisa obligates you to bentch. If you are not full, bentching is only d’rabbonon. A yoray shomayim should wash again, say hamotzi on another k’zayis of bread and bentch. (ShA4 – MB15)
  8. When you remember that you need to bentch and a lot of time has passed since you finished eating – how much time can pass and you can still bentch? As long as the food isn’t digested in your stomach. If you are still full from your meal, that is an indication that digestion did not yet begin. From when you begin to be hungry again you cannot bentch anymore. (ShA5 – MB16,17)
  9. The same applies to a fruit eating session or a drinking session: as long as you are still satisfied with what you ate or drank, you can still say a beracha achrona. (ShA5)
  10. At large meals that extend for hours it can happen that by the end, the bread has begun to be digested. As long as during that time you have eaten other food and drink, you can still bentch since they extend the meal all the way until bentching. (MB18)
  11. Until now we dealt with the delay after eating your fill. If you delayed after eating only a little bit it is very difficult to define “digestion time”. Until when can you still bentch? Some poskim say you have up until 72 minutes. You can rely on this if you don’t have more food. If you have more food, eat another k’zayis (without a beracha rishona) just before your beracha achrona. This will remove your doubt. (MB20)
  12. The amount you need to eat in order to bentch Birkas Hamazon d’rabbonon is a k’zayis. To bentch d’oraisa, you need to eat your fill. For each person it is a different amount. Someone who always eats just enough to be sustained is also considered to have eaten his fill. (ShA6 – MB22)

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