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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 180 – Leftover bread

  1. Leave over some bead to show Hashem’s bountiful generosity. If there are poor who could collect the leftovers, make sure that the pieces are sizable. (MB2 – ShaH3)
  2. The left-over bread should be kept on the table for Birkas Hamazon. (ShA1)
  3. If there is no bread left, other bread should be brought to the table. However, do not bring more bread if there is bread left. (ShA2 – MB4)
  4. It is forbidden to ruin chunks of bread that are k’zayis or larger. Less than that size can be thrown into the water – just don’t step on them because it can cause poverty. Some are machmir that a kezayis-worth of bread crumbs combine and therefore shouldn’t be ruined. (ShA3 – MB10)
  5. Before washing mayim achronim at the table, you must gather the leftover (k’zaysim) bread to one end so no water will splash onto the bread. (MB9)
  6. Remove the knife from the table for Birkas Hamazon except on Shabbos and Yom Tov. (ShA5 – MB11)

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