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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 164 – Making a condition / Touching filth during the meal

  1. Technically, a person can wash his hands in the morning and it will help for eating bread the entire day. Practically though, you won’t be able to have in mind to guard the status of your hands and therefore the minhag is not to make such a condition. The only way would be to wash and keep gloves on your hands until you eat. Even so, if you get water before eating the bread, wash again. (ShA1 – MB4)
  2. The following cases do not require re-washing during the middle of the meal:
    1. Touching something tomay. (BeH “b’shok”)
    2. Touching (sweat on) skin that is normally uncovered. (MB9)
    3. Touching earth or cement. (MB4)
    4. Wiping hands on your hair. (MB10)
      The following cases require re-washing without a beracha:
    5. Touching covered skin. (ShA2)
    6. Scratching the head. (ShA2)
    7. Forgetting to guard your hands. (MB8)
    8. Touching the underside of a hat or other sweaty garments. (BeH “sh’yaish”)
      Rewashing is required even if you have finished eating and intend only to drink. (Rama Siman 170:1)
  3. The following cases require re-washing with a beracha:
    1. After a bowel movement.
    2. Touching real filth.
    3. Left the premises of the meal for an hour or two. (MB13/Siman 170-MB9)

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