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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 137 – How many p’sukim each?

  1. On a day that you call up 3 alios, read no less than 10 p’sukim except for the 9-possuk Parshas Amalek on Purim. (ShA1)
  2. A minhag has spread to read the first aliya section of the upcoming Parsha on Shabbos Mincha, Mondays, and Thursdays as printed in the siddurim. This practice is not m’akayv. (MB4)
  3. In the following 2 cases (only) you will have to go back and read skipped p’sukim (or even 1 word):
    1. The weekly Shabbos morning portion
    2. When a second sefer Torah is read for the obligation of the day and the skipped piece was crucial to the topic of the day. (ShA3 – MB8,11)
  4. In the above cases, make a new aliya from the beginning of the skipped possuk plus an additional two p’sukim. The oleh should say the berachos before and after. (MB8,9)
  5. Make a new aliya even if the tzibbur already daavened Mussaf before realizing their mistake. (ShA3)
  6. If the mistake was caught before Maftir, do not make a new aliya. Instead, have the Maftir begin his repetition from the skipped possuk until the end of the parsha. (MB10)
  7. L’chatchila, do not repeat p’sukim already read by earlier olim even if you plan on adding 3 new p’sukim. An exception: the paray hachag from Chol HaMoed Sukkos. (ShA6 – MB19,25)

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