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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 119 – Personal Tefillos

  • In the middle 13 berachos you may make personal requests in singular form that have to do with that beracha. Ask for what you need presently – do not ask for the future. (ShA 1 – MB 1)
  • First say a complete phrase, then add your prayer. (MB 3)
  • In Shomaya T’filla you may ask for anything. It is good to say vidui. If you have a new sin, mention it explicitly with a crying voice in the upcoming Shemoneh Esray. If you won’t take it upon yourself to make amends, it’s better not to mention the sin. Ask for your food even if you are rich.  (ShA 1 -MB 4)
  • You shouldn’t daaven at length for the sake of a yochid until after the Shemoneh Esray. You can then extend any personal tefillos, even before you say “Yihyu l’ratzon…”. (ShA 2 – MB 12)
  • If you skip or in some way disqualify a beracha, go back and say it from the beginning and continue in order even if you remember after many berachos. You won’t be yotzay if they are out of order. (ShA 3 – MB 15)
  • On a fast day, the chazzan adds Anaynu as a separate beracha only when 10 fasting people are present. If he forgets to say it as the eighth beracha, don’t go back – he should instead add Anaynu into Shomaya T’filla and finish the beracha with “shomaya t’filla” like an individual.  (MB 18)
  • When you say “lishuos’cha kivinu” have in mind to be one of those who hope for the ultimate salvation. (ShaT 1)

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