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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 114 – Mashiv haruach umorid hagoshem (MHUH)

  • We begin to add in “Mashiv haruach umorid hagoshem” during the silent Musaf of Shemini Atzerres after it has been announced by the appointee. (ShA 1 – Rama 2)
  • If you are daavening Musaf alone for whatever reason, wait until near the end of the sixth hour so you will be certain that it was already announced in shul. Then you can add MHUH into your private Shemoneh Esray. (ShA 2 – MB 8)
  • If you come into shul after the tzibbur began Musaf on Shemini Atzeres, you can assume that MHUH was announced and therefore you can also add it to your Shemoneh Esray. (ShA 2 – MB 9)
  • Regarding the cessation of MHUH:

a: In a place that says “Morid hatal” – it should be announced just before Musaf of the first day of Pesach. Then everyone replaces MHUH with Morid hatal during their silent Musaf.

b: In a place that doesn’t say “Morid hatal” – everyone should still say MHUH during the silent Musaf, wait until the chazzan omits it in the repetition, and then everyone should omit it for Mincha. (ShA1 – Rama 3)


  • It is best to be careful not to hold more than one minyan in any given shul on the first day Yom Tov of Pesach. (BeH “lo yakdim”)
  • If for some reason, you are daavening alone on the first day of Pesach, hurry to say Musaf with MHUH before the kehilla omits it. (MB 16)
  • If you daaven Musaf after the omission of the chazzan (or you do not know when the kehilla will be daavening) you should omit MHUH from your private Shemoneh Esray as well. (MB 16)
  • If you mistakenly said MHUH in the dry season and caught yourself before the end of the beracha, go back to the beginning of the beracha.  If you caught your mistake after “Boruch atta Hashem” say “lamdayni chukecha” and begin the beracha again. If you already said “mechayay hamasim” begin the Shemoneh Esray again from the beginning. (You don’t have to repeat Hashem sifosai tiftach…). (ShA 4 – MB 20,21)
  • If you mistakenly omitted MHUH in the rainy season and caught yourself before the end of the beracha, say it where you are (just make sure you repeat “v’ne’eman atta l’hachayos masim” before the chasima). If you realized your mistake after saying “Boruch atta Hashem”, say “lamdayni chukecha” and go back to MHUH. If you realized only after you finished “m’chayay hamasim”, you can still say MHUH before you begin the next beracha. But once you begin “Atta (kadosh…)” of the next beracha, go back to the beginning of Shemoneh Esray.                         (ShA 5,6 – MB 28,29,32)
  • Minhag Sefard is to mention “morid hatal” in the summer. If you forgot to say it, don’t go back even if you have not yet finished the beracha. (MB 12,13)
  • If you said “morid hatal” instead of MHUH you don’t need to go back. If you remembered before you finished the beracha, do go back and mention rain. (ShA 5 – MB 27 – BeH “ain machzirin oso”)
  • Anytime you mistakenly omit an addition that you do not need to go back for, once you finish the beracha do not add it in between berachos. e.g. Havdalla, Ya’ale V’yavo at Maariv Rosh Chodesh, Al Hanissim.(MB 32)
  • In the dry season – if you have a doubt if you said MHUH or not – within the first thirty days there is a chazaka that you said it and you need to go back. After thirty days do not go back. (ShA 8)
  • In the rainy season – if you have a doubt if you said MHUH or not (and your minhag is never to say “morid hatal”) – within the first thirty days there is a chazaka that you omitted it. You need to go back. After thirty days do not go back. (Rama 8)
  • The above thirty days principle applies when beginning or ceasing to ask for rain “v’sayn tal umottor” as well. (MB 37)
  • We say that the new chazaka takes effect after 90 tefillos or 30 days whichever comes first. (MB 37)
  • You are able to build up the new chazaka in one day by saying the new nussach 90 times in a row:

a: On the first day of Pesach practice saying from “mechayay masim atta” until and including “morid hatal” for Bnay S’farad – or until and including “mechalkayl chaim” for Bnay Ashkenaz.

b: On the first day of Shemini Atzeres practice saying from “mechayay maysim atta” until and including MHUH.

c: For the changes in Barech Olaynu, practice saying from “v’es kol minay sevuosa l’tova” until and including “v’sayn beracha” for the dry season – or until and including “v’sayn tal umottor” for the rainy season. (ShA 9 – Rama 9 – MB 39,40)

  • If you practiced the new nusach only 45 times then you would have established a new chazaka after 15 days. (MB 42)
  • If you clearly had in mind to mention an addition in Shemoneh Esray and right after daavening you begin to doubt yourself if you said it or not – daaven again. But if it is already well after daavening is over, you do not need to repeat. (MB 38)

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