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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 113 – Bowing

  • Bow at the beginning and end of Avos and Modim. At any other beracha bowing is permitted in the middle only. (ShA 1)
  • The minhag Yisroel is to bow during Borchu. (BeH “hakoraya”)
  • Bow low enough that every joint in your spine bulges out. Bend your head over as well. This also applies to the bow at the end of Shemoneh Esray. (ShA 4 – BeH “hamispallel”)
  • Do not bend over so low that your mouth is opposite your belt. (ShA 5)
  • If you are old or ill and it is difficult to bow so low, just bow your head. (ShA 5)
  • When you say “Boruch” bend your knees – when you say “atta” bend over quickly in one go. When you begin to rise, do it slowly, raising your head first and then your body so it should not look like a bother.        (ShA 6 – MB 12)
  • When you say “Modim” , bend your head and body at once and stay in that position until you reach “Hashem” and then rise as in all bowings. (ShA 7 – MB 12)
  • Someone who desires to express the praises of Hashem should preferably look for pessukim to use. (ShA 9)

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