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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 106 – Who is exempt from Tefilla

  • The Mogen Avraham writes that most women rely on the Rambam to fulfil the mitzva of tefilla with a personal request after washing negel vasser. But since most rishonim hold that women are obligated to daaven Shemoneh Esray, they should be urged to daaven at least Shacharis and Mincha. They should likewise daaven Musaf. (MB 4)
  • Women are exempt from all positive time-bound mitzvos – even mitzvos d’rabbonon like Kiddush L’vona. (MB 4)
  • One who excuses himself from tefilla because of learning Torah, even if he is learning with others all day long – it is as if he never learned. (MB 8)

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