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Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 104 – Do not interrupt the Tefilla

  • Do not talk or even motion to someone while you are daavening Shemoneh Esray. (ShA 1 – MB 1)
  • Exceptions: 

a: You may motion to a whining child to be quiet.

b: You may motion for a chazzan to carry on daavening and not to wait for you to finish your tefilla. (MB 1)

  • If you cannot silence a disturbing noise by motioning, do not talk, just distance yourself and continue to daaven over there. (MB 1)
  • When a chazzan needs to bow to the ground on Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur during his repetition, someone should remove the portable shtender that he is using so that he should not have to walk somewhere else in the middle of tefilla. (MB 8)
  • It is forbidden to uproot your feet for no purpose until you take your 3 steps back. (MB 9)
  • If you are holding by the tachanunim after Shemoneh Esray before Oseh Shalom, you are allowed to uproot your feet for the purposes of a small mitzva. Examples: 

a: Chazzan to go sit for Nefillas Apayim.

b: Called up for an aliya.

c: Called up for pesicha (even for Avinu Malkaynu).

d: Just make sure to say Yihyu Leratzon before moving. (MB 9)

  • If you hear Kaddish, Kedusha or Borchu – pause from your tefilla and concentrate on the words of the chazzan (until Yisborach…). This will be considered a fulfillment of the mitzva without being a hefsek. (ShA 7 – MB 26,27,28)
  • If you have completed the tefilla with Yihyu Leratzon, you may answer to the above mentioned mitzvos with the permitted response even though you have not yet said Elokai Netzor. (ShA 8 – MB 30)

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