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A leading mussar personality and major disciple of Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt”l” “I have known and guided Reb Moshe Yaakov since he was  a bachur in Yeshiva back in 1987. He is a trustworthy and authentic baal mussar.”
[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”HoRav HaGaon Doniel Lehrfield” job_title=”Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Bais Yisroel Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”3.2″]“My talmid Reb Moshe Yaakov, served as an effective mashgiach relating to the modern day issues that bochurim are faced with. He is a lamdan brimming over with Torah.”
[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein” job_title=”Chief Rabbi of South Africa” company_name=”Founder of the Shabbos Project” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”3.2″]“Rabbi Edelman is a very well respected talmid chacham in the Johannesburg community. Rabbi Edelman worked with us on the Generation Sinai project, which involved communicating the ideas and story of megillat Rut to a very wide Jewish audience. He did so with great professionalism and ability.”
[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Boruch Dov Grossnass” job_title=”Rosh Kollel of Kollel Yad Shaul, Johannesburg” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”3.2″]

“Rabbi Edelman has attended the Kollel study hall diligently for over 11 years. His Torah lessons are worthy of dissemination.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer” job_title=”Rabbi of Shearith Israel Congregation and President of the Vaad HaRabbanim of Baltimore, Maryland.” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”3.19.3″]“I know Reb Moshe Yaakov’s family very well now for decades. I consider him a yedid ne’eman”. Moshe Yaakov is able to be אסוקי שמעתתא אליבא דהלכתא and has a talent for giving over mussar with an appealing style. I personally invited him to give a derasha in our shul. He is a very trustworthy individual.[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Moshe Kletzkin” job_title=”Founder of Zichru Toras Moshe chadorim” _builder_version=”3.2″ border_style=”solid”]Doc – Mar 11 2018 – 10-01 PM
[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Shloimi Kolko” job_title=”Principal of Sha’arei Torah Primary School” _builder_version=”3.2″]

“Rabbi Moshe Yakov Edelman, a true talmid chochom and a mechanech of note, has a unique ability to make abstract concepts vivid, real and attractive utilizing the medium of a well-told story. With creativity and insight, he draws on stories of tzadikim and original parables, bringing Torah values and mussar principles to life for young and old alike.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Yitzchok Lewenstein
” job_title=”Principal of Johannesburg Cheder ” _builder_version=”3.2″]

“Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman is highly talented rebbe and a master story teller. His stories instill much knowledge of Torah and a kinyan of yiras shomayim. The young children can listen to him for hours.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach” job_title=”Rav of Ohr Somayach, Glenhazel, Johannesburg” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”3.2″]

“Rabbi Moshe Edelman is a Talmid Chocham of note and has inspired and educated many people. I am certain that his presentation will enhance our children’s love of Hashem and His Torah.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Rabbi Pinski” job_title=”Maharsha Boys School” _builder_version=”3.2″]

This letter is to confirm that R’ Moshe Yaakov Edelman came to speak to the boys of Yeshiva Maharsha Erev Shavouth. His speech was powerful and captivated all of the students from Grade 1 to grade 12. We wish R’ Moshe Yaakov much Hatzlocha and Brocha in all future endeavors.


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