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Who is Rebbe?

The stories are told by Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman who learnt in famous Yeshivas in America and in Jerusalem for 25 years before becoming a classroom Rebbe in Johannesburg. Hashem has blessed Rabbi Edelman with a vivid imagination and an engaging style of storytelling.

Rabbi Edelman has been learning in kollelim in Passaic (2), Ner Yisroel Baltimore (1), Mir Yerusholayim (14), Yad Shaul Johannesburg (11) since 1989.

Rabbi Edelman served as Mashgiach in Yeshivas Bais Yisroel, Neve Yaakov and taught Cheder children for 10 years.

He mesmerizes his family, friends and students both young and old at the Shabbos table, in the classroom and now B’ezrat Hashem is making his stories available to schools, yeshivas and homes worldwide.

“Rabbi Moshe Yakov Edelman, a true talmid chochom and a mechanech of note, has a unique ability to make abstract concepts vivid, real and attractive utilizing the medium of a well-told story. With creativity and insight, he draws on stories of tzadikim and original parables, bringing Torah values and mussar principles to life for young and old alike.”

Rabbi Shloimi Kolko

Principal of Sha

“Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Edelman is highly talented rebbe and a master story teller. His stories instill much knowledge of Torah and a kinyan of yiras shomayim. The young children can listen to him for hours.”

Rabbi Yitzchok Lewenstein

Principal of Johannesburg Cheder